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AUTISTICALLY CORRECT:There's a darkness around us that's flooded in John Horton


Posted by Kelly Marie on May 4, 2012

There's a darkness around us that flooded in light.....

I have been a music guy all my life, I am inspired my song titles or lyrics that I can apply to a personal story or conversation. This blog is one of those, from the Avett Brothers this lyric is followed but....."in the fine print they tell us whats wrong and whats right" leads me to where alot of the organizations that dominate Autism "Awareness" month have gone with their version of awareness......and by saying awareness they mean fund raising......and it has gotten to be like political parties in its nastiness. They all have had this unnatural need to be right and some of them have become so big that they rival most fortune 500 companies and are making 10's of millions of dollars but very little of that is filtering back down to those that almost blindly follow them, I totally agree that research and funding of that is important but not the only thing, far from it, and if we get another research report telling us something that is so unblievable we are going to (if we haven't already) stop listening so when and if you have an actual breakthough we won't be there to hear it or care because you have been telling us its the internet, eye color, mother weight issues, living near a freeway, etc...etc.... Tell ya what, lets just say that everything causes Autism move on and put the millions of dollars to better use helping folks that are living with Autism everyday and may need a helping hand.....

But instead we get "the darkeness around us" and we "Flood it with light" we give everyone some sensationalized bad news because we all know that it gets attention....whether its true or gets attention. Then we don't give any solution to the bad news we just beat it to death and create fear and we have some folks out there that think its their job to scare us....yes we need to have people scared of persons with Autism.....or scared to have children because of the new ratio numbers........thanks large Autism organization for the support.

We do however run the risk of becoming white noise to the general public that we are trying to get on our side so that they also never allow these terrible things or worse ignore them when they do simply because they are tired of hearing about it. There should be a balanced flow of information to our non disabled peers so that they can get the complete story of our cause, that is how other awareness months succeed and ours doesn't, we overload on the bad.

We have not changed the conversation.......I have personally been having the same conversation since 1993, we should throw an anniversary party next April for debating vaccines for 20 years I think we are the only community that has been having the same argument that long, there are parents that have had their children newly diagnosed that think all of these debates/arguments are new and the reason they think that is because some cannot give up that there has to be a right and wrong and someone has to be blamed and has to pay for it. When in all actuality we are all right and wrong and are yelling at each other about the wrong stuff, and while we are doing that there are people sitting in shiny offices counting money and encouraging us to continue because they know its good for business.

There could be a direct correalation between all of this bad news and the way some parents feel about the child in their we have to start asking ourselves has 20 years of negativity about Autism lead some parents to seek tragic ways to deal with their loved one with Autism. I am not saying it is the only cause but we would be naive to think that constant negative stories cannot effect the pyscy of a despartate person that has been told there is not hope for their child after they are gone. Folks we have people on social media telling us how much they hate Autism and they have thousands of followers hearing it.......and agreeing....what does that look like years down the road, who is going to hold the prevayors of these statements of fear and hatred towards Autism accountable. There will be a time probably sooner than later that we will have someone tell us that they committed a tragic act because of the grief they felt from all of the doom and gloom they have been fed over the years thru the medias both social and conventional.......then what.

Yes, we absolutely positively need and have to talk  about the atrocities that happen to people with Autism or for that matter any special need, we have to talk about it when it happens and find a solution for it and learn to never let it happen again if possible.

We all need to adopt 1 agenda and that 1 agenda should be the person we love with Autism adn through that love that person wins, and when you have a alot of people winning then the community wins.

But our fist step should be to stop flooding the darkness with light and instead put all of that time, energy, and money into solutions and shining the light on the organizations that are doing positive things and changing lives daily so we can move out community out of the past in look fondly into a bright future.

So lets " decide what to be....and go be it".
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