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How to lighten up a Phrase( poetry)


Posted by Erik Estabrook on March 14, 2011

a bit of light-hearted sarcasm, kelly and I were talking about this subject on the radio show briefly



slice your heart in 40 ways,

thats the quickest way to lighten up a phrase,

serve them up on your finest trays,

because you might grow to miss the finer things,


start with "I like" then replace with "I Love",

instead of saying I'm glad you came in my life

their an angel from above,


I don't want to take your crown

but it easy to make this sound dull,

so instead of the message put smily faces above it all,


it may be stressful but keep some of the maddening things,

they provide balance and character to full age.


by Erik Estabrook