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Autism - Autistic


Posted by Leonora Gregory-Collura on March 10, 2011

Nothing wrong with either word - semantics!

However, when it comes to "having" or "being" - well that has implications when communicating with the general population in society. Critical thinkers will understand what I am saying here...

The autistic population continues to be ruled by those who have vested industry interests in us. Until we as a community can start to see how we have been conjured up and portrayed we will continue to be held captives in isolation. (Note: all human beings have a disability and abilities - that is what makes us "human").

Why are we allowing people to call us high functioning, low functioning, severe, - and aspergers - as if that label carries some form of elitism (yes, I get to use an "ism" here) and with that so called hi-end label comes entitlement!!! Society would not tolerate the general population being so divisive with one another in the work place or social setting - why are we?

Thank-you for allowing me to rant! ;)