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"Autism Through My Lens" By Dominga TallyBarrios


Posted by Kelly Green on February 7, 2011

Autism through My Lens


You always hear “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if someone has no words, no way of connecting with someone, not even eye contact. Every mom loves to take pictures of her baby, but for me it became so much more then that.

When my son Dassan was diagnosed with Autism a few months before his 3rd birthday, it was a feeling of relief, to finally know, and a feeling of...what do I do now? I felt my dreams for him and us slipping away, I had to do something. I had always been interested in photography, so I dove into it head on, I thought if I can get my Autistic son to work with me, I can get anybody to work with me. It became “our thing” something for me to do for me, and something for us to do together, because there wasn't much he wanted to do with me, or anybody really.

I found while taking pictures of him, not only could I capture the moment, but I could see him, and if felt like he could see me. I could connect with him, and have fun with him through the camera. I then wanted to share these pictures with the world, show what I discovered. The need to spread a positive outlook on Autism through my pictures became my #1 hobby, and still is today.

Today Dassan is 4 and a whole new kid, after allot of ABA therapy, and much work at home, he has made many improvements.  I can now connect with him without using a camera, though I an still taking pictures often. 

  I no longer worry about if his future will be bright, and as for me...I have my pictures, and they are worth a thousand words!


 Dominga TallyBarrios