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United We Stand---STAND UP for Autism! By Jocelyn Plowey


Posted by Kelly Marie on January 25, 2011



The way I see it – as having a daughter on the autism spectrum, we may not understand (fully) the world that surrounds us or the concepts of the whole universe.  Nor do we understand the world we are locked in as how and why we process and perceive things differently; our thoughts and actions, which may seems strange to the universe! We are aware of certain things- some we can’t control, some we are fixed upon. Our mind operates in an unusual way, passes quickly before our eyes as we foresee the ‘unexplainable’ behavior, patterns of doing things, our incredible minds and amazing talent, beyond our expectations.

Why we are fixed on things in a specific way, which you may have no interest in. We have a peculiar way of using pictures, or shapes and sizes to help us visualize things that surround us. The complexity of our minds are causing ‘awareness’ around the world. How different our life style is, as we adjust in the lifestyle of society- a society which is now being aware of acceptance to our needs and embracing who we are.

We are human beings who require the same needs as you; but it is shown to us in a differerent way. We too have a voice for changes; changes we can have to help us, or changes we may not require, as this is who we are, set in our own autistic way; the way we portray things differently. The question as to ‘why’, why is it so difficult for others to see?  We can accomplish things in our own way; a different approach! We may need some guidance, a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on, just as you do too

Life is a mystery for all of us, to seek the best to suit our needs. The world has its problems and solutions; some can be fixed, while others remained un-resolved. We do not have all its answers, as to why things are the way they are. The key to unlock these causes is "the unknown!" This is the reason we are seeking answers, going global! We can't just rely on ourselves or our intuition. We need the help of others to live side by side us as we strive for success under one nation, the world as it is today, the universe... Autism awareness is GOING GLOBAL! !!!