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Interview with Artist Steven Coventry By Sarah Daisey Van Diesel


Posted by Kelly Green on January 20, 2011


Interview : Artist ,Steven Coventry By Sarah Daisey Van Diesel

  • January 20th, 2011 7:14 am ET

   Steven Coventry , Artist

The beautiful lines, the great attention detail, and the use of colors to attract the eye. Conventry has the ability to capture a certain majesty with his lines and assembly of colors. His work captivates as does his personality that is always uplifting, and eager to help others. 
This is my interview of Steven Coventry.

Sarah Daisey Van Diesel  - Thank you for this interview Steven. How did you get started as an artist? 
 Steven Coventry-  I started doing art at high school but actually failed the course and went on to become a chef. While off work due to a breakdown I picked up a pen and paper and gave dot portraits or pointillism a go .The dot portraits turned out so well, I decided to try other art forms and mediums. Now, it's been over twenty years, and  I have discovered a wealth of creative talent.
So,I guess art therapy is  what got me started to help with my depression, anxiety and stress disorders which are now in the process of being diagnosed as aspergers syndrome and its collection of friends.
Sarah Daisey Van Diesel - What inspires you Steven?

Steven Coventry- What inspires me now to create can be almost anything from a planned piece like a geometric Mandala or Egyptian sculpture but I also get flashes of inspiration from shapes, colors  , patterns, or I’m now getting small projects commissioned for silk printing and similar fabrics for men’s and women’s fashion.
Sarah Daisey Van Diesel- Steven, lastly, where would one buy your artwork? 
Steven Coventry- I'm still in the process of organizing a website of my work other than on facebook .I have recently moved back to New Zealand from Australia for health reasons and are in the process of setting up again but I can be contacted through my  facebook  account or directly at
Sarah Daisey Van Diesel -Thank you for this interview Steven. 
Steven Coventry - Thank you as well Sarah.
Lots more interviews to come. Artist with Autism. 
Sarah Daisey Van Diesel Email -

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