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Awesome~Awareness! By Fabiola Ana


Posted by WYATT G!! on January 16, 2011

Awesome Awareness! Thank you! You are welcome!



Without words...





An AWESOME AWARENESS came to my life long ago and visited me again today…

My son felt asleep in the car while I was driving home tonight. When the light was red… I turned to look at him and he made me smile.. in my face and in my heart.

For several lights…

What did I see that caused such a sensation/vibration in my whole/holy being?

I saw or I felt?… So much Peace, so much Brightness, so much Love and Joy. Clarity and Authenticity. I was enchanted by this awesome awareness of being able to see beyond what my eyes are able to see … I was able to see with the eyes of my HEART. And feel the energy of these qualities…

An awesome awareness visits me from time to time… reminding me that my son is AWESOME and that he is MY REFLECTION…

An AWESOME AWARENESS knocked at the door of my heart one day… And I said thank you for coming and visiting me… and it answered YOU ARE WELCOME…. and it stayed…  :)

By Fabiola Ana in dedication to Miguel Alejandro