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Posted by Kelly Green on October 28, 2010


by on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 8:21pm



Yes! We all crave it, need it and thrive on it. It is inately part of our human psyche. Regardless of your processing powers and styles!! VALIDATION. A simple and elegant human right.Very soon we will experience the validation of a population that is long over-due! This Saturday  the ANCA Naturally Autistic People Awards will take place setting an awesome precedent! For the first time in History an International AWARDS EVENT bringing on  WELL DESERVED accolades!!  Autistic people have talents that are amazing. Talents that are needed in society for so many reasons. Aside from, the obvious aesthetic reasons...the reasoning is much deeper than that! Sending a  message of self-worth and self-empowerment! A crucial  message that autistic people need everyone to hear. Autistic people share this planet with talent and experiences  just as valid as the Neuro-typical population! Autistic people seek employment and a place in society! What concepts!!


 First and foremost this VALIDATION instinct we all possess is vital toward a successful future. The instinct and desire to be recognized for bringing something to life's equation! We all want to add-up to the "BIG Picture!" We are ALL human beings. Having similarities and differences are at  the heart of  our humanity!  In my mind, how we handle "differences" is life's main challenge. Differences are what keep this world turning! Appreciation of this most obvious circumstance is all we in the Autistic Community NEED!! "Not hand-outs...(as ANCA's Founder Leo Gregory so rightly states)...a hand up!!" Beautiful sentiment at the heart of what ANCA has been all about for many, many years! Teaching people and the community how to deal with Autism~Naturally. A profound concept.  This is why it is so fitting that ANCA brings this Validation Internationally. it has been their mission silently for many years. Now, the timing is right!! Right for an incredible afternoon and evening of firsts!! Aknowledging and celebrating Talented people that just happen to be autistic!


The event will begin at 1 pm in the UBC Robson  Square Theatre in beautiful  Vancouver BC, Canada.There will  first be a meet and greet reception luncheon. Flags of the four countries taking part this year will be beautifully displayed...Canada, Australia, England and the United States. Who will YOU be rooting for??


Amazing advocate and artist Guest host  Lauren S. Henry the founder of "With a Brush of Love." will open the show with a wonderful introduction and opening remarks. Colin Brennan an 8 yr. old Canadian Singer that is autistic will then sing The Canadian National Anthem..."Oh Canada" and with that, the amazing ceremony will commence!

Guest MC Canada's own, Johanna Ward will start with ANCA ~Celebrating 15 years working towards improving lives in the autistic community!~ A beautiful and moving slide show and history will unfold, laying the foundation for the presentation !  On-line challenges will be commended, awarded and shared!! What fun we ALL had earlier this year with "Gone Fishing" & "The Future is so Bright" Our on-line community; swapping photos and stories all relevant to our challenges and cause!! It will be exciting to see who the big winners are and how it impacts them!!




After that there will be the ANCA Groups annual Video Children, Teens and Adults. Enjoy the year end review of another productive and FUN year for ANCA's Family of Clients! Followed by the awards for literary ..performance and visual arts in the Adult catagories. You will hear a bio on the  recipients and get a chance to enjoy their gifts!

If that is not enough excitement for you, then hold on to your hats... The intoxicatingly fun and talented Janet Panic    will perform her song "Blink." There will  then be a short  intermission following that number. Upon return to the theatre Ms. Panic and her high energy band will resume the stage and perform the evenings theme song..."It Will All Work Out!" FANTASTIC! 



 Up next the awards for the children's catagories: performance, animated and visual arts ! The talent in this theatre will blow everyone away as will the bio's on each person!! it will be so amazing to see and hear the thoughts and reactions from all of our talented recipients!


There will  then be even MORE high Energy with Sirota's Alchymy Tae Kwon Dance performance!! Michael van Houten & demonstration team!  Simply put...EXHILERATING!!


Bringing everyone to some of the main interest of the evening. Community awards for Mentors, Achievement Excellence and Community organizations. The people in these catcgories give of themselves tirelessly and deserve all the accolades coming their way and MORE!!  Bringing the Autistic Community together as ANCA has done with this beautiful very much the spirit involved with these" last but not least "awards!! Community organizations & mentors  are key to our success as we build our  global community. Aknowledging and thanking people for their achievements and support is the precedent  to be set  by ANCA Naturally Autistic in Vancouver on this Sat. in October 2010. The precedent to help insure a future for Autistic people full of empowerment, aknowledgment VALIDATION and Fun!!....... The Autistic Communities  FUTURE~~Truly is  BRIGHT!!

THANKYOU, to Everyone at ANCA and to ALL of our Sponsors, Talented Nominees, Participants and Award Winners! BRAVO!!


View the  entire event program here...