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The true 1 percent


Posted by Campbell Teague on August 29, 2012

 I"m not getting political here as that is not my intentions. But there is the 1 percent in America no it is not the political movement it us on the spectrum. Autism now occurs in 1 out of 88 people. So if we do the math that is just under 1%. I like to refur to us as the true 1%. However those of us on the spectrum have come a long way but we still face difficulties

 First of all, we have made great strides in being included in education. Now we attend regular classes and some of us even go on to go into higher education. That is a great improvment because as little ast 20 years ago we would not be included in regular classrooms.

Now one thing that still needs to change is employment. Employment can still be hard on us because a lot of companies it seems that if you are different you will not get hired. This needs to change as most of us on the Spectrum can be bood workers. For companies that do hire Autistics we often find ourselfs getting under paid and getting pay cuts. I would go on to argue that sometimes we get jobs that is the lowest on the polls but yet we have talent to do good job

I also find that we are still misunderstood on in the public


So we are the true percent and like everybody else we have a voice that needs to be heard