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Autism and Immune problems: Campbell Teague's experiences.


Posted by Campbell Teague on July 24, 2012

 Today on Autism speaks there was an interesting article. The article talked about how infants who have lots of infections and immune problems may be at higher risk for developing Autism. Now, while we still do not know what causes Autism. In my opinion there might be some truth to immunology and autism. I think there is some truth to this based on my personal experience. While I stated that we do not know what causes Autism, we do know it can be genetic in some cases. However that is not so much in my case. I'm the only one in my family that is know to be Autistic not even past generations were there ancestors that were thought to be autistic or had what the world would say is not "normal" traits.

However like the article suggested, I did have immune problems, and I still have them to this day, but when I was really young I had a lot of immune problems. At a young age doctors said I had some Autism traits but not quite enough to be diagnosed. However, this would change later in my life when they determined that yes I was Autistic but high functioning. In this new study, it talked about P.A.N.D.A and other infections that Autistics seemed to have a lot of when they were toddlers. I also have learned something about  myself and my other Autistic friends is that sometimes before we get sick we are more prone to meltdowns. Moreover, it also possible that those with Autism may develop immune problems down the road.

Now, I'm not saying that every person who is sick a lot is going to develop Autism and not every Autistic will develop immune problems down the road. What I'm saying is I think more private research needs to be done between immunology and Autism, because it appears there could be a link between the two.

Campbell Teague loves to hear our members experiences! Everyone can teach and learn from each other!! Thankyou Campbell!