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My Dream by Campbell Teague


Posted by Campbell Teague on July 17, 2012

 The great Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. Said "He had a dream" His dream were that Children could have opportunities and not be judged because of their racial background and that society would allow it. Now I'm paraphrasing but his message has a powerful message to it.

Taking the Reverend King's speech. I also have a dream. My dream is a little different but I believe it holds true. My dream is that we who are Autistic and have other issues or disabilities as the media likes to refer, would not be judged by society standards. My dream is that those with Autism can have opportunities rather it be school, jobs, and most of all for us to be understood and heard. My dream is that we will be seen as important to society and not judged because we are not what modern society calls normal. For a person not to be judged by his handicap but by his skills, his heart, and his or hers contributions to society.

Autistics and others with disabilities are often seen as outcast by society. So much as we are often denied rights, such as in some states schooling, job opportunities, the right to be understood we are often overlooked. Here is also another factor in at least 28 states a person with a disability who falls in love cannot marry. People point to the Disabilities act of 1991 but it is not enough because if you are socially awkward or have obvious issues no matter how qualified you are you may not get in a school or college. For example, those of us with autism are seen  as dumb, lacking cognitive ability, freaks, and no goods. When we interview despite what we have on a resume we are often shunned because sometimes its obvious such as we do not always make eye contact. In some States Autistics and others are denied rights to sit in a classroom with our peers, we are denied rights to colleges, because of stereotyping, we are often rejected This has got to change.

This is my dream that things will change that we will no longer be judged and seen as outcast

Also my dream is Salvation through Jesus for the world